This Burrito is Real

The burrito may just be the ultimate food form. A beautifully balanced meal, with carbohydrates, protein and as much vegetabley goodness as can be packed in, all conveniently wrapped up in foil to create a package that can be consumed anywhere without utensils and with minimal mess. And they’re real. We often understate the value […]

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Better Than Life

There seems to be a disagreement online about whether we want online personalities to imitate real life or not. Some people want to have a single identity, visible to everyone, that reflects their life both at home and at work, and holds no secrets from anyone. They say that this gives the most authentic impression […]

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Who’s the Victor Now?

“History is written by the victors”. A quote often attributed to Churchill, but it’s true origins are unknown. And while typically associated with wartime, in this digital age it is becoming more relevant than ever. The term “Fake News”, if not coined by Trump, was certainly popularised on the unending stream of entertainment that is […]

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Time to Grow Up

The passage of time is something that surprises us all, despite being literally the most predictable thing in the universe. And with time comes age, something that affects everyone, and has always created a divide between people: Everyone is taught from a young age to trust and respect their elders, and everyone delights in lying […]

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Luck is My Greatest Asset

There are a plethora of factors affecting whether and how people use the internet. There are statistically significant discrepancies identified just within the United States of America in gender, race, income and education┬áto name but a few. Looking worldwide reveals that even more important than these factors are location, as the vast majority of internet […]

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